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Gouda Farm-house cheese is a typical Dutch product, which has GTS- protection (Guaranteed Traditional Specialty)

This cheese is produced in the neighbourhood of Gouda at Cheese-farm Hoogerwaard, a family business which is making these cheeses for more than four generations.

Only 300 Dutch farms produce there Gouda Farmhouse cheese by using this traditional recipe, made with raw milk and without preservatives. This is how Gouda Farmhouse cheese gets his defined taste.

* This Gouda cheese is eight weeks old.

* In the vacuum packaging the cheese will last two till three months.( in the refridgerator) 

* Remove packaging and wipe your cheese clean with a towel before eating your cheese, Let it stay on room temperature for a few hours and the colour comes back. (In vacuum the cheeses can turn a little bit white)

 *If you want an older and sharper taste, you can tear your cheese at most 2 months, during this time you need to turn and clean your cheese regularly.

 *  During transport or conserving the cheese can get mouldy,  if this happens do not throw your cheese away, but remove the moult with a wet towel\or cut it off with a knife. Moult will only affect the outside of the cheese.



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